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An African Dreamland Awaits

Our Tents

Each of our luxury tents offers a distinct and charming feel that will make you want to stay, just that little bit longer. Each tent has its own unique and unspoiled view of the Rufiji River, creating the perfect space from which to sit and reflect, relax and unwind, all from the safety of a raised platform.

Polished wood interior floors create a luxurious outdoors feel, while a mix of eclectic and traditional furniture has been paired together to create a stylishly comfortable home away from home. Well ventilated, protected from the elements and animals, and perfectly positioned to enhance your viewing pleasure.

Locally sourced wood has been used in the bathroom designs, while small touches of locally collected nature add a homely and comforting touch. The water supply comes from the Rufiji River and is filtered, treated, and perfectly safe to use. Both hot and cold water is freely available for showering.

Power is available in your tent twenty-four hours a day, fed by solar energy. There are power sockets installed in each tent for charging electrics, LED lights, and a fan is included to provide cool relief from the glorious African sun. A combination safe is available in each tent.

Each tent has an unspoiled view of the Rufiji River. Each tent had the perfect space from which to sit and reflect, relax and unwind, or watch wildlife, all from the safety of a raised platform.

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Fly Camping

Available from June – November


The term “fly camping” comes from early safari days when outings took the form of several consecutive nights on the trot, with a different location each night. Today, it remains the same – a simple yet unforgettable bush experience for those looking for a natural adventure, with a twist.


Fly Camping is available at a number of specific and pre-determined locations, and your tents are set up shortly before you arrive.  Depending on the season, the locations can change, which means it is possible to arrive at your fly camp by boat, or by walking in from a not-too-distant drop-off point.


This is an outdoor adventure for those looking for a real taste of the bush. Exclusive, simple, and raw; our dedicated team of waiters, cooks, and guides will bring your outdoor dream to life.

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