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Live Life On The Wild Side

There is so much to see and do at Selous Impala Camp.
From walking safaris to boat cruises, fishing adventures birding discoveries, we are here to make your wildlife dreams come true.
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One of the most appreciated aspects of the Nyerere National Park is the “low traffic” on its roads, with guests frequently enjoying isolated and uninterrupted trips during their stay. Depending on the season, some vehicle tracks can be taken right along the shorelines of the Rufiji River and the various surrounding lakes: Mzizimia, Siwandu, Nzelekela, and Manze.

For our traditional game drives, we have six open 4WD vehicles that can accommodate up to 6 passengers. Each vehicle offers protection from the harsh sun and is meticulously serviced and maintained to ensure your ultimate comfort. Due to the various activities available from the camp, you may easily find yourself having exclusive use of the vehicle and guide on safaris.

Birders should ideally request this focus during booking to allow us to try and allocate guides accordingly.



Half Day activities are recommended for the drier seasons when the midday heat can be challenging. Depart camp early in the morning and enjoy a full breakfast outside in the bush under the shade of an ancient tree, or if you prefer, head out on your game drive once you have enjoyed your in-camp breakfast. You will return to camp in time for lunch, with enough time thereafter for an afternoon rest or a dip in the pool. The afternoon game drive begins in the mid-afternoon and will return after sundowners.



Full-day activities usually commence after breakfast at the camp and include a rustic bush or picnic lunch. Guests can enjoy a long drive in the wilderness on their return to camp at sunset. We recommend a Full Day for “safari lovers” who are coming to the Nyerere NP perhaps with specific game or bird viewing aims. Full-day game drives also offer the opportunity to visit areas of the park not normally possible with the Half Day and to spend more time within nature.


Our experienced guides are looking forward to taking you out on the water to experience a different type of safari. Discover the secrets that lie in the waters of the Rufiji River and see wildlife from a different perspective. Hippos and crocodiles, together with the hundreds of different species of colorful birds, will escort you while you quietly move along the waters of the enormous river or the beautiful lakes that form this incredible ecosystem. Nothing is guaranteed, but there is always the chance to spot even large animals like elephants and lions from the boat if you are lucky!

Boat safaris can be organized in the morning or the afternoon. Afternoon boat trips are our personal favorite, with the light of the setting sun reflected in the water. It makes for a wild and magical show.

There is a range of additional activities available. Due to National Park fees, these are at an extra cost. Please enquire with us or your preferred agent for pricing.


Children's Camp Safari

For your little ones, your guide will take them on a special camp safari. They will look for tracks, bugs, frogs, and birds in camp at a suitable interest level. It’s all about being creative, burning some energy, and fostering a special connection with the wilderness. They may perhaps meet the chef and get involved there too!

Birding Safaris

The exceptional birding from Selous Impala Camp is worth exploring, both in camp and out on safari. The special Böhm’s Bee-eater can be found in the shady areas around the tents. Along with the resident breeding White-fronted Bee-eaters, these are a highlight. You may see as many as seven different species of colorful Bee-eaters in Selous if you’re observant and a little bit lucky! 

There is a wonderful diversity of raptors from the Southern Banded Snake-eagle to the ever-present African Fish-eagle. The endemic Ruvu Weaver breeds alongside Yellow Weavers right in front of the camp. The iconic African Skimmer can be found along the main river and sometimes at the lakes too. The lakes provide habitat for an assortment from pelicans and storks to wading birds and terns. The more forested areas are good for finding Brown-breasted Barbet, Green Malkoha, and Broad-billed Roller to name a few. Southern Ground-hornbills are breeding residents and are often heard.

Walking Safari

Step inside a real and raw bush experience that showcases wildlife both big and small on our morning or afternoon walking safaris. Our guide and park ranger teams will lead you safely through the landscape as you take in the sounds, smells, and sights along the way. Walking brings a different connection. Whether looking at the animal tracks, spotting elephants, or photographing flowers and insects, there is something to enjoy. The peaceful nature of the bush walk must be experienced.

The morning walks offer cooler weather and finish off with a full breakfast in the bush. The afternoon walks are just as beautiful, as the fading light of the day gives a magical color to the world through which you are silently and slowly moving. Both walks start and finish at camp, and can be as long or short as you prefer. The typical walk duration is two hours. For the safety of all our guests, all the walking safaris are accompanied by our ranger with a rifle. Very often you will first find the spoor of an elephant… and then you find the one who left it! Believe us, an elephant from a safari vehicle looks big; an elephant during a walk is “immense”!

Please note: Children 16 years or younger are not permitted on walking safaris for safety reasons and all guests should be in a reasonably fit condition.


The Rufiji River has a wonderful assortment of fish species. The prime angling species are the catfish and the aggressive Tigerfish. All fishing requires a permit and is done on a strictly catch-and-release basis. The lodge provides fishing gear and the guides have good knowledge of the best spots to get into some exciting fishing. For more serious fishermen, it is advised to bring your gear. Typically the mornings and afternoons are best, so planning with your guide is recommended.

Night Game Drive

Night game drives are a special opportunity to spot shy, nocturnal animals that can be difficult or impossible to see during the day.

With your knowledgeable guide, you will head out after dark with a spotlight to look for some sought-after animals. Anything from the elusive leopard to smaller carnivores like the Honey Badger, African Civet, Serval, and Genets. Owls, nightjars, bushbabies, and Scrub Hares are also possible. Add in the night sky, hippos roaming at night, and the call of the hyena and you have a very different experience.

Fly Camping

The term “fly camping” comes from the early days when simple safaris over many days stayed regularly in different locations each night. Today, it remains the same – a simple, pared-back yet unforgettable bush experience that is highly recommended for the dedicated bush lovers out there, or for those looking for a romantic adventure with a twist. Fly camping is available on request from June to November.

 The fly camp can be set up for a maximum of 4 guests, of the same party. Guests can decide to walk into the fly camp or to arrive by boat, and once there, all the activities including game drives and walking from the camp, are available and organized directly by you and your guide.

Please note: Children under the age of 16 are not permitted on fly camping for safety reasons

Chilled Pooltime

Cherish joyful moments by the pool in between your game and boat safaris.

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